chocolate, eggs & lamb, oh my!!

April 16, 2006  |  Fun

I really don’t eat eggs and unfortunately I can’t eat chocolate, but I really don’t like lamb.

I remember as a kid every Easter my Mom would serve a leg of lamb. I always question any kind of meat you need to put mint jelly on to eat and what is mint jelly anyway?? I mean seriously, jelly is for toast and crackers or cookies and plain bread with peanut butter or cashew butter for those who are allergic to peanuts. But mint jelly??

I never will understand it, but where was I? Oh! Lamb. It was years later, I mean many years later when I was preparing Easter Sunday dinner for my family when my Mom finally found out the truth.
“Mom, what do you think we should serve for dinner Sunday?”
“Make a leg of lamb, everyone loves leg of lamb.”

Now, I just need to let you in on a little secret, at this point we hadn’t had lamb for about oh, 10, possibly 12 years.

“Mom, the only one who loves leg of lamb is the lamb who used it to walk.”
“Catherine, you love lamb.”
“No Mom, I don’t. Never did. Can’t eat meat you need to add jelly to. Why mint anyway? How about orange marmalade or even blueberry?”
“Mint is nice, it just goes with lamb.”
“Mom, mints are nice and jelly doesn’t go with lamb.”

We colored eggs and made Easter baskets, never did believe in that whole Easter bunny thing. I could never understand why Santa could give away presents but the Easter bunny only gave away eggs.

I think it may have been my introduction to lamb that destroyed it for me – Catherine this is Ms. Lamb and Mr. Mint Jelly.

I do cook lamb ribs, at least I think they are ribs, well they are small and I coat them with a Moroccan rub that smells completely divine, but I still won’t eat them.

It was, as always a peaceful holiday. Mass with the Pope topped off by dinner with the family. At this time every year a take a moment to reflect on what has passed, and will never be again. What is on the horizon and what I can do to make this world a better place.

By the way, we didn’t have lamb.

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