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June 10, 2006  |  Wedding

I normally do not single out my brides and write about them, because every single one is just as important to me as the other BUT I have to talk about Erin.

I first heard from her yesterday morning. The morning of her wedding. Seems she was in a bind, her original photographer had an unfortunate run of bad luck and wouldn’t be able to shoot her wedding that day. At the time the phone rang I was in jeans and a ratty t shirt, mopping my floors and actually enjoying it for a change. I decided to go get myself in gear and out the door as soon as humanly possible to see if I could help.

Erin and I met because of her friend Tammy, who works for Dr. Rossi, my optometrist who did my annual (even though I was 2 years late) checkup. Tammy and I were talking about weddings and I gave her my card.

Erin is a gorgeous individual inside & out and what was supposed to be a well planned day went south on her in so many ways. First her hotel overbooked, then it was her photographer & the videographer. What next, you ask! I have learned, from yesterday, not to ask that question.

We met about 6 hours before her ceremony. In my rush to get to Erin I had forgotten to eat or pack my extra cards. I had20 gigs and figured that would be more than enough. After we started shooting, it was a breeze from there! I figured all her worries were over. Well at least I thought it would be.

We decided to photograph part of her prewedding at the reception site – the Beckwith Pointe. Beckwith Pointe has a wonderful jetty that goes out into the Long Island Sound. I was excited since the day seemed prefect, cloudy with blue shies, even though rain had been forecasted.

I met the new video guy, who was an absolute sweetheart when I arrived. Together we waited for Erin, her bridesmaids and her parents to make the 5 mintue ride from the hotel. We waited. And waited. Thirty or so minutes later Erin & company pulled up in her limo. The limo had tremdous car trouble and was leaking oil! The limo made it to the venue but it pretty much died there BUT she held it all together.

It seems funny now, even though that wasn’t the last of it and I applaud Erin & Gary for hanging in there and going on happily with the day even though it did seem like there was a dark cloud looming at times.

So for all of her woes, her troubles, keeping her spirits up and especially for placing her trust in me the way she did, she deserves special accolades.

So cheers to Erin and to Gary – may your lives together always be an adventure, good or bad, as long as you have each other you will ALWAYS come out winners.

Ok, ok I will now take the time to write about all my brides from now on.

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