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February 17, 2007  |  Hoopla!

I haven’t been posting much, we have been working like mad to finish the projects that we have before we jump full swing back into wedding season.

I had mention that we are changing blogs, and all of that is happening right now behind the scenes! We have been working on the release of the new site, the new blog and a few changes which has made daily postings a bit hard. We are really excited about the changes yet I was undecided what to do with this blog. We have decided that “a thousand words” will stay with us, even if the content changes a bit.

The strangest thing happened today, I was looking around my blog and I just got a list of comments! Imagine that, 34 in all, although some you would consider spam so we tossed those.

My apologies to anyone who did comment but did not see their comment on the site, guess it was a blogger thing. It is fixed now and I thank everyone who looks & has taken the time to leave us a message.

Please feel free to leave us a note, we love to hear from you!

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