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April 13, 2007  |  Wedding

TAX TIME!!!! Oh wow! I have survived! I feel as if I have been under a pile of receipts for about a year now. It amazes me how something that everyone has to do is so confusing.

But I am out now!! And back to posting. For everyone who has asked, and I thank all of you, the new site release will be in stages, with the first release coming in roughly 2 weeks. The main site will be last, and the blog will fall in between. We had to put the site on the back burn to work on taxes, albums and such. But we are back at it and our web designer will be happy about that.

I haven’t had much luck with cars this winter. In January I had a run in with a deer. A very large deer, and the deer won. Well not really, but my car lost. It wasn’t totaled but the damage was extensive, close to $8,000. After having it fixed, thanks to my wonderful insurance company, my Saab 93 is just like new. About a month later my Rodeo died. I realized it was time – 13+ years old and over 150,000 miles – and knew that I wanted to go green. The search wasn’t long since there aren’t many hybrid SUVs out there but it was fun driving all of those new cars.

After getting my hybrid, I realized how important it is to give back to the environment – yes, I saw Inconvenient Truth and have been watching Planet Earth, doesn’t take much with me. ;o)
And decided to go solar! Not sure exactly when I am going to take the leap, but it is in the plans for the near future.

As soon as we get a date about the site release we will start counting down!! I am SOOOOO excited! This year is bringing good things and I am really looking forward to shooting more.

I have been shooting & will blog all that I have yet to in between the new launch.

And wait until you meet Capt. Weimaraner!!!!! (insert evil laugh)

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