VH1, me & 15 minutes of fame…

April 25, 2006  |  Hoopla!

Last week I received a phone call from VH1.

They are currently putting together a new show called My Fabulous Wedding. It is a reality show of sorts. We spoke for a while. Wow, me, on VH1, imagine that! Mom break out the VCR!!! My Mom doesn’t have TiVo, she doesn’t even have cable come to think of it. Nevermind Mom.

The prospect of being involved with a television project was absolutely thrilling. It sounded exciting. So I spoke with one of my August couples about the possibility of appearing on the show. We went back and forth for a bit but in the end the groom decided he didn’t want the cameras, lights & all the extra action. I can understand that, so I passed on the opportunity, thanking them graciously for calling me.

After hanging up I realized how I enjoy the private time I spend with the Bride & Groom snapping away. When I am making them laugh or even sharing a tear. I enjoy, for at least this moment, being the third wheel. Yes, I am lucky and I get my 15 minutes of fame everytime I step behind the camera at a wedding.

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