happy father’s day

June 19, 2006  |  Fun

It has been a busy weekend. Father’s day has come and gone , school is coming to an end and summer is under way! I can remember barbequing with my family and begging them to open the pool on Father’s day, with my Dad laughing instead of a firm yes or no.

I don’t think he ever truly said no. He smiled a lot. Laughed a bit. And always let you know that he was there, never too far away. He was always proud, even at the littlest things. I would spend hours watching him paint or build something.

I will never forget the day he built me a dollhouse. I think he was tired of barbie taking out the living room. I would get lost in that house for hours, my mom would actually have to come looking for me.

He hummed when he worked, when he was happy. He would dance in the kitchen with my Mom, she would laugh like a school girl. He has filled my life with wonderful warm memories and has shared his knowledge with me. I am blessed and very lucky.

So, to all of you fathers out there, whether you are brand new or an old hand at it, may every day be an adventure and may your child put a smile on your face each day, even if you are the one who has to clean up the mess.

For my Dad, I hope you are smiling, happy father’s day!

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