June 30, 2006  |  Fun

Went to see the Lion King on at the Minskoff Theatre. Well I didn’t start off going to see the Lion King I was actually headed to see The History Boys with my English mates, who by the way had to threaten my life to actually make me commit to closing up shop for the day to go to the theatre, but unfortunately my babysitter bailed on me.

But no fear! I had a backup plan! I would drive to Queens and drop my daughter off with my Mom! YAY!!!

The only part of that plan that didn’t work was the traffic. I couldn’t get out of Manhattan into Queens. After trying for two hours I finally pulled the car over to use my cell phone when I realized I was sitting directly under this huge sign for the Lion King.

I jumped out, got tickets and the night was saved, sort of. I was a bit disappointed that I wouldn’t be seeing the History Boys and not exactly thrilled to see the Lion King, but I had promised and it was so much better than sitting in traffic on the LIE.

We sat dead center in the eighth row from the stage, I think I was more excited than my daughter! I was in awe when the curtain went up. So colorful. The air seemed filled with joy & happiness. I was hooked.

It was nothing short of spectacular. At first I wasn’t too sure whose jaw was dropped further – hers or mine!

We saw Kissy Simmons as Nala and Josh Tower as Simba. WOW! What chemistry! They were a joy to watch.

Throughout the show, I felt that rush of excitement you feel when you are eight and going to the circus for the first time. I think a lot had to do with the fact that I was sitting next to my very favorite person in the whole world.

If you get the chance go see The Lion King it truly will bring back the kid in you.

Just a note, the images are not mine. They do not allow photography in the theatre and I respect that.

She sang the whole way home, and I smiled, proudly at every note whether it was in or out of tune.

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