Captain & Mrs Jonathan Algor

July 2, 2006  |  Wedding

Jonathan & Monica met five or so years ago on a blind date, yesterday they were married on the same grounds where they met – West Point at the United States Military Academy.

It was wonderful hearing the story, seeing them laugh about it, being invited into the fold.

I was lost in a sea of uniforms, beautiful bridesmaids and proud parents. The love and happiness of the day only made my job easier.

Brave men in uniforms, and even braver women that stand by their man as they go off to where ever it is they are sent, to do what it is that they are told to do.

Jonathan is one of those brave men, and Monica is truly one of those brave women.

I love shooting at West Point. There is always this feeling I get when I am there…duty, honor, country. Makes one think. Thank you Jonathan, Mark, Mike, Matt, Justin, and the rest who I have not named for doing what you love, thank you.

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