A lesson for all…

September 5, 2006  |  Wedding

A somber mood has fallen over my home because of the death of wildlife conservationist Steve Irwin. My daughter, an avid watcher of all of Irwin’s shows and a budding veternarian (even though we have a while before that dream comes to fruition) was quite upset at the news of his passing.

She had big plans to go to Australia and to meet Steve, his wife and their children at the zoo. After a few tears and lots of hugging we both realized how precious life is, a lesson learned at the expense of another.

Steve Irwin provided much entertainment over the past few years in our home but more importantly he made us aware of wildlife and how delicate nature is. Steve Irwin was more than an entertainer, he was a kind & giving individual and more so an educator. He should be remember for what he has done, unfortunately few know about his accomplishments and more know more about his croc’ wrestling.

So, to Steve Irwin, an educator, the world is a much better place because of you. And to his family, thank you for sharing him with the world. You are all in my prayers.

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