july 19th, 2007

July 18, 2007  |  Hoopla!



More to come as we make updates and post new pics.The blog was designed and implemented by Will Keightley of sixsquare.com and/or cobaltkitty.com!!!

Actually, he’s still working on some minor adjustments as we go live so pay no attention to a corrupt link or whatever – it’ll all be worked out in the wash.  –  Cheers, Al


It’s here!!!!! I am soooo excited!!!!!

First, big kudos to Will, he is absolutely the man of my dreams.  Ok, so I have never met Will or actually seen him for that matter but he was the one who made my vision come to life.  Thank you Will. Anyone needing a blog designed needs to go to Will. 

Second, although you will now be noticing a green theme I cannot take credit for that, that is Alistair’s idea.   Green is so not my favorite color although he is quick to remind me that it is the color of money, trees, grass & granny smith apples.  I am still out on the green – both undecided & out-voted – so I truly hope we all get to love the green (at least until the new order of letterhead, envelopes & business cards runs out).

Now, no further delays, here is our NEW IMPROVED blog!!!   Enjoy & let me know what you think!!! –  much love, Catherine

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