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March 31, 2008  |  Boudoir


Oh am I glad SPRING is here!!!!  Whew!  I will be blogging more, so check back or click on that RSS feed thingy so you know when I have ;o)

Now, down to some business!  We have been really busy the past few months not to mention recovering from an awful cold, and we are looking for a few who would be willing to model for us.  We are launching a new boudoir site in June and are in need of a few who are willing to let us use your photo on the on the site. 

In exchange we will waive the session fee and include prints of the images we use on the site.  Please email us at if you are interested.  I need 4 – 6  people and I am looking to do this within the next two to three weeks.  Feel free to give us a call at 800.292.3092 if you are interested. 

We will be doing two Marathon sessions: April 20th and May 24th – this date is still tenative and can change.  We have rescheduled our March session, and we may have availability for the rescheduled date too.  We will also travel for marathon sessions call for details.

What is a marathon boudoir session you ask? Well, I am glad you brought that up!  A marathon session is very similar to our private sessions but it is shorter and less expensive.  Instead of the 2+ hour private session you will have roughly an hour & a half session in one location, which we determine.  This session allows us to book up to eight sessions in one day.  

We will also will be honoring our invite a friend! “Invite a friend” allows you to bring a friend and for doing so you will receive a free 5×5 brag book of images.

There will be more info to come! 

UPDATE 04/02/08 5:38pm:  Wow!  Do we have emails to answer!  Which we will do either tonight or tomorrow since Catherine promised our accountant that she would do nothing else but taxes today.  For those who are looking to model, please include your size, height, shoe size and any other information in your email that you might think we will need!  Keep sending, we’ll let you know when to stop. – Jen

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