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October 4, 2008  |  Wedding

Hi everyone!  I wanted to let you all know that we are still very much alive!  And to update you on:

BLOGGING – We will be catching up on our blogging in the coming week – even if it kills me.  We have a ton of weddings & e-sessions to post, so keep an eye out for that.

GALLERIES – We have been working hard on galleries,

ALBUMS – It is album season!!!!  I will be posting albums this week for approval, and I just recieved a few more Friday which will be shipped this coming week.  I have also discontinued an album line that we were offering due to CS issues.  We have replaced that line with an even better company and will be unveiling our samples – which are divine!! – in the coming month.

EMAILS – I am having no luck with emails lately.  I do get emails on a daily basis but some are taking their time finding their way to our email box!  Jen & I have answered everything that we received this morning.   If you did not get an answer and have sent us an email in the past week please send it again, and one of us will get to it asap!  As usual if you send it after 5pm on Thursday please  be paitent if we haven’t answered your email asap like we usually do. Give us until Monday to respond since we are in knee deep shooting weddings!

SHOOTING – We will be announcing our next few dates for e-sessions hopefully this week.  The session spots will be limited since we have a full wedding schedule this month. So, if you want a fall session with the leaves please email us asap so we can get you set up.  We have launched our boudoir site and will be revamping it a bit.  We intend on having a marathon day in January, so if you are interested please vist the site PROVOCATEUR by celimages and send us an email! 

We have a new blog coming soon and also some things we want to share with you. 

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