hmmm, what color should it be??

April 15, 2006  |  Fun

I painted the bathroom today. I am so proud of myself, this is not something that I would usually do. This is a big project for me, even though the room is 6’x4′.

I went to the paint store last Wednesday. I went alone. I needed time to discover that right color. I stood there for an hour staring and comparing. Holding up the little cards to that special light they provide which really isn’t special at all.

Yes, I took a full hour before I made my decision. The clerk asked twice if he could help me, I just smiled and thanked him knowing this was something I had to do best offshore merchant account myself.

I took my choice to the counter and voila! White! Not only white but the same exact white that has been on the wall for the last 7 years. I’m good.

Now, what color should I paint the bedroom??

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